Planning for a New Year

This time of year is simultaneously filled with excitement and trepidation. As we look ahead to the new year, there is so much potential - and that can be scary. I tend to swing from thinking, "We're going to take over the entire world," to "We might fail and have to close," on an hourly basis. I don't think this is unusual either.

When pondering new things in business you always have to look at both sides of the coin. As we're looking at a new office space, I have to wonder what happens if we can't really afford it and it sinks the company. What if we'll outgrow it before the lease is up? Those are two very different extremes, but that tends to be the world a smart entrepreneur lives in.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. We won't take over the world, but neither will we go out of business. We'll probably hustle like crazy and see abundant growth.  How do we stake claim to the middle ground of success in the new year?


Our minds can endlessly spin through the What-If? Game. It's not a fun game, and while there is some value in knowing the potential pitfalls ahead, it's not productive to spend all of your time on it. 

Write down your fears. You don't have to conduct an elaborate ceremony where you burn the paper in a graveyard as a way of dispelling the fear. Just write them down and look at them. Ponder how those can come about. What steps would you take if they happened? Then try to be done with it. Think through the scenarios, know your reaction, and move on.


We always have big goals for the next year, but rarely do we write them down and put a plan in place. As business owners, our days are filled with a thousand emergencies. Things that pop up and seem so huge in the moment steal away enormous amounts of time. When that happens, we are unable to achieve any of our future goals because we are so focused on the here and now.

By writing down your goals and turning them in to a plan, you can integrate them into your day. You want to grow sales by 50% next year? What are you going to do on a daily basis to make that happen? How can you spend an hour each day solely focused on making that goal come about? You have to protect time to work on the future, or it will look just like your present.


Don't get bogged down this next year. Keep your focus on that plan. Give it a prominent place in your office, and your day. In 12 months, start that process all over again.