Small Business Lie #1: I'll Advertise When I'm Profitable

We deal with so many struggling small business owners who never planned to advertise before they started. They went into it with the thought that they'd advertise when they finally started seeing money rolling in. There are two problems with this thinking.

1. There's always something that eats up the money

There's always another expense waiting when you run a businesses. Always. Always. Always. And advertising never seems to make it to the top of that list.

2. Advertising isn't an expense, it's an investment

You cannot view advertising as an expense. If you do, you'll never be motivated to make it a priority when you are budgeting every month. It's an investment. Advertising done well, over a long period, pays well more than what you invest.

The best advertising strategy

Budget for it from the beginning. From day one, plan your advertising spending. Set an ad budget and stick with it, month in and month out. Always be advertising. If you do it well, it will bring in business. The thinking that you'll advertise when you are profitable is faulty, because a lot of businesses never make it to profitability. Advertising, done well, can provide the boost to profitability.

Have you lied to yourself?

It's time to stop lying to yourself. If you didn't plan for advertising from the very beginning, start today! This business could provide a very profitable future for you, but you have to feed it to get there. Sit down today and write a marketing plan and get started.