The Big Reason You Don't Advertise

Consistency is a huge key to effective marketing. A targeted group of people need to see your message repeatedly to achieve the best results.

So why do most small businesses advertise inconsistently, if at all?

Plan To Succeed

You know you need to advertise, but after putting in a long 15-hour day, you don't have the creative energy left to put anything together. Every time you see an opportunity to advertise you think "I should really do that." But you never do. If you're ever going to achieve any traction with your business, you need an advertising plan.

Focused Time

The best way to lay out a good advertising plan is to set aside focused time to think about it. Weekends are usually a great time to do that because the phone doesn't ring as much. It's easier to set aside a couple of hours to really focus. Spend that time writing out your plan.

Calendar And Content

The key to the plan is to put in place a calendar, and fill it with content. This way at the beginning of every month you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You simply pull up your calendar, see what you're doing for the month and send the content off to anyone you are advertising with. As an example, we've created this free calendar you can download and use.

Three Ingredients

So what should be on your marketing calendar? Three simple things.

1. Message - What do you need to talk about that month?

2. Target - Who is your target for that message?

3. Media - How are you going to get the word out? (Direct Mail, Online, Newspaper, TV, etc.)

For Example

A huge time for our business is right around Easter, because we do a lot of advertising work for churches. Here's what my calendar might look like for January through March.

1. Message - More people are looking for a church on Easter than any other day. Let's tell the world about you. (Products: Direct Mail, Banners, Door Hangers, Sermon Series Design)

2. Target - Churches in a 300-mile radius

3. Media - Direct Mail & Facebook Ad Campaign

What's Your Plan?

Stop kidding yourself, you aren't going to have time work on marketing in the normal course of your day. It's vital for you to set aside time to work on your business, not just in it. Putting together a marketing calendar is one of the biggest things you can do to ensure consistent marketing and future success.